Réseau d’Informations Sécuritaires d’Appui à la Promotion de la Paix (RiseApp)


Réseau d’Informations Sécuritaires d’Appui à la Promotion de la Paix (RiseApp)

In order to reach Economic and Social Development, the world and especially the African Continent needs peace.

Without peace, it is difficult to send children to school; farmers and women cannot access to their land, Economic operators cannot invest durably, humanitarian and development organizations cannot access to their beneficiaries and provide them with the assistance that contributes to lives saving. Without peace, it’s difficult to reduce poverty rate and for countries to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

In a permanent turbulent Africa, access to security information becomes capital, because access to good information at good time makes people taking good decisions at good time.

Considering the above, the African Programme for the Economic and Social Development(PADES) has set up a Global Network for security information sharing, the Réseau d’Informations sécuritaires d’Appui à la Promotion de la Paix (RiseApp) .

RiseApp is a mobile application that contributes to sharing real-time early warning on security incidents worldwide. Thanks to RiseApp, the humanitarian and Development organizations will be informed on the accessibility from their intervention areas. RiseApp will help to locate a kidnapped children, help a women victim from the Sexual or domestic Violences.  RiseApp will allow sharing information on all human rights abuse and atrocities (war crime, crime against humanity) from arm groups and security forces. Finally, RiseApp will ensure Community Based Election Monitoring.

For more information on RiseApp, please contact PADES at :

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